• Orpheus


    A hard life can hollow out a person, but some people start out that way...
  • Tsadok


    Even though he is a half-orc, the orcish blood is strong, just like the odour of filth that follows him around. Patched up leather armor and blunderbuss slung over his shoulder tell his story more than words can.
  • Wrex


    Wrex is Zoey's faithful automation companion, which her father made for her 22nd birthday (Half Elf). She treasures and adores him over almost everything, including her father. He is her best friend, bodyguard in which tends to get a few upgrades.
  • Zoey Proudmoore

    Zoey Proudmoore

    Demanding of getting her own way, she seems rather childish due to father always giving everything she ever wanted. Although very spoilt and stubborn natured, she is very talented in the arts of technomancy, learning from dad (Reaver Proudmoore)inventions