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Kingof fire

After strange lights are seen in the sky toppling into the stolen lands, and more lights seen on the horizon, with tension already high between Rostland and Surtova in Brevoy a charter is quickly drafted to allow expansionists a chance to settle in the forlorn lands. Many commoners feared the lights as an omen that the nation of Surtova whcih occupies the the north of Brevoy would attack its counterpart nation of Rostland to the south. But to those whom know better, they knew something fell from the sky and into the unconquered lands.

As the political struggle and tension continues to grow between Rostland and Surtova over the Brevoy crown, with the two headed dragon of Issian and Rostlandic culture tearing the nation into two, a group of adventurers with ties to the Technic League of Numeria have answered the call to help Rostland get a resource and military dominance over Surtova by settling a puppet nation to the south in the Stolen Lands, whose aid can be called upon should a war break out. More intent on discovering just what it was that was expelled from the dark tapestry, the adventurers have been asked to attend the wedding of Lord Mayor Ioseph Sellemius of Restov, where upon they will be given charters with the divine right to settle the Stolen Lands and claim whatever it is found there for themselves.

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Kingmaker-Rise of the Artificers

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