Zoey Proudmoore

Demanding of getting her own way, she seems rather childish due to father always giving everything she ever wanted. Although very spoilt and stubborn natured, she is very talented in the arts of technomancy, learning from dad (Reaver Proudmoore)inventions


Machine smith

Zoey Proudmoore resembles a Noble-born of some sort, however she doesn’t mind getting her hands dirty IF it involves making a new invention. She has luxurious long charcoal/platinum blonde dreadlocks that are well kept, thus having a strong scent of lavender about them. Whilst her skin completion is cream coloured it tends to bring out her almond shape brown eyes. She is vastly tall for a half elf reaching 6ft.tall and her hour-glassed lean figure shape is well looked after from fetching vast materials for her fathers research and inventions. Her well structured hollow cheeks and inverted triangle chin is a form of beauty of itself. Her wardrobe consists of mysterious steampunk and attractive clothing, with a mostly brown colour scheme.

Her fathers invention she helped with.


Zoey Proudmoore

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