Even though he is a half-orc, the orcish blood is strong, just like the odour of filth that follows him around. Patched up leather armor and blunderbuss slung over his shoulder tell his story more than words can.


Tsadok is the son of a male orc and female prisoner, concieved suring some campign of his fathers as a member of the mercenary troops used in the countless orcish wars against other tribes. With his mother toyed with and eaten during a long winter campaign somewhere he was raised by the whole tribe. Taught to use the firearms and weapons of war he was inducted as a member of the Deaths Head Mercenary light claw regiment.

Years go past and his father is crippled in a battle against ogres that routs most of the company. Leaving the tribe, as halfies were not welcome anyway, and no longer protected by his sire Tsadok welcomed the darkness to seek power and titles elsewhere.

Taking his fathers blunderbuss, he spent the time copying drawings from a found parchment, onto his gun to claim ownership. Along the way he hunted for food and lived in dire poverty, mud and filth. This gave him a tough constitution and kept him alive.

Spending the long nights reading the parchment Tsadok muttered them aloud one night and saw magical darts of energy fly to the skies killing a fat grouse. Power flowed through his blood driving him to practice and learn the funny dances involved. Other orcs shunned and feared his book reading skills, and the ability to put a warband to sleep with whispers.

His travels took him to towns where he sought more words and dances of power, and did work for pay. Others keep away from him as his blunderbuss often projected bursts of flame when he thought hard enough.

Some day, he will be company leader or even tribe chief, with the wealth and strength he is building each day. So what if others find my smell strong, it only proves how weak they are.


OOG stuff players dont know

Spellslinger wizard half-orc male.

Rapid reload feat for blunderbuss as arcane gun.

Average stats, but 16 int.

Does not wash, will swim in water occassionally. Eats almost anything.


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