A hard life can hollow out a person, but some people start out that way...


Looks pretty much like the picture above, except the gun is a pistol and he has horns like that of a Div, which demonstrates his less than pure ancestry.


A troubled soul, A wonderer, and then a murderer.
Some people are forged by there surrounding, others forge there surrounding. And thus I find my self in this pit. A place where the darkness mirrors that within my heart.

Life is endless strive, and if inflicting it on others lessens my own, then why not inflict it on others. Or that is at least how it should be, that’s how it was…

Now I follow this woman, an obsession not my own, into a place yet unknown. A “belt of Green,” a wild place yet untamed… a place yet to be tamed [heheheheheh]. Yes I see it now, A reason why one could find value in my skills. Yes, it will be tamed, even if it must be pured clean, the clean of a blood red ocean.

Steampunk gunslinger by loztvampir3 d4cucrv
“You think you know better? Well the dead don’t get an opinion,” Orpheus.


Kingmaker-Rise of the Artificers TuSlayer